Photography: Sally Mann…You’re the Man!

Last year in my digital photography class, we had to choose from a list of photographers and base our project on their work. My finger landed on the name of “Mann, Sally” thus beginning my admiration of her beautiful photography.

Sally Mann’s work reflects that of her home, her children and the lifestyle she lives. Although her photography has stirred quiet a bit of controversy by depicting her children as nude and bare in front of the camera, i find something extremely daunting about her pictures. Black and white, raw, an essence of dark and mysterious childhood blended seamlessly with the composition and setting of her hometown in Virginia, i can’t help but feel captivated by the stories each of her photographs illustrates. Is it wrong to be allured into the beautiful body of a human child, an image of innocence masked by troubled times and hometown glories all in one? I personally don’t think so. Her style which catapults her into the fearless has always made me think highly of her, and to this day, will continue to do just that.

Check it out:

Photography: Sally Mann. All Rights Reserved 

Sally Mann

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