The Classy Comedian List

Some people look up to educators, speakers, politicians, religious icons, and even family members…but i look up to a whole other breed, a breed dedicated to making you laugh, perform accidental spit takes, and most likely pee in your pants (only just a little!).  These idols of mine would be COMEDIANS!

Having an off day, not feeling like your good ol’ self, going though a crap breakup, don’t worry, your trusted comedians are here to save the day! Here are a few comedians i have had the pleasure of listening, and laughing obnoxiously hard at. They serve as my idols because nothing keeps my attention more than a good laugh (lectures are like instant lullabies.Boooring.) Enjoy!

*** We all know Russel Peters and Jeff Dunham (if you don’t i suspect you have been living under a rock) but here is a collection of other comedians.


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