Confession…of my Obsession with River dancing!

Ok, i have something to confess…

I’m…really….obsessed….with….RIVER DANCING! 😀

Im not even Irish, nor can i tap dance like these crazy performers but man i love watching them! Seriously, i get all hyped up and my heart starts rushing and my feet do a little jig and my eyes light up everytime the camera zooms onto the dancers feet moving 10000 miles an hour. I think i have a problem, but one thing is for certain, in my life time, i would like to dedicate an extended period in which i visit the beautiful country of Ireland and watch a live performance of River dancing. Italy sounds great, and trust me i would eat everything in my path, Greece looks beautiful, i would probably spend days on end taking pictures, but Ireland is on the top of my “Countries my feet must touch before i die” list. Now you might be wondering, “Whats so special about river dancing?” Have a look for yourself, that is, if your eyes can keep up 😉

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