The Road Behind the Hills

By: Jui Apte

There is a road i take behind the hills of my town. It stretches for miles, or so it seems that way. This never ending road bends and curves, dips and reemerges weaving effortlessly through the golden hills in which it lies. Small houses, farms, cattle and fragile trees take root on the sidelines of this road and the sky above it seems to hold no boundaries. When i drive this back road, i feel as if i have ran a marathon. My lungs powerful and strong inhale the crisp autumn air and outward my legs stretch, outward my feet bound, slap against the black crusted tar and bounce back by the rubber of my shoes. As i roll down my windows and imagine myself running,sprinting and breathing i can only see the stretch of road that  extends for so many miles. The houses, fences and rusted poles hanging the telephone cables all pass me by, a blur which i hardly notice. I am untouchable, invincible, fast and swift.

There is a road i take behind the hills of my town. It stretches for miles, or so it seems that way. When i travel this road, i escape into a world of haze. I see nothing and only struggle to maneuver my way forward. I hear no one because their voices are muted by the rush of the wind that channels it’s way through my ears. My lungs stop functioning and my heart slowly halts its continuing beat. My journey through foot casually finds it’s way seeing my surroundings in full detail- white fences, some crooked and others missing, a patchwork of grasses, a lonely tree bowed at the trunk. The road, although long and far, is gradually fading in the distance, languidly beginning to disappear underneath my feet. Where i stand, where i run, who i am has effortlessly vanished into the giant scape of golden hills. I had seen the twists and turns, i had traveled across the curves and bends, i had endured the upward climbs and the slippery downfalls-but sometimes, even the most controlled pathways can slip from my view and just like that the road dissipates.

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