“Go Vegan or go home” challenge!

Tis my great pleasure in announcing that I, The Paintress’s, have indeed embarked on a new challenge: GOING VEGAN!!!

So if you haven’t read the previous post below, then you might not get the purpose as to why i’m challenging myself to be vegan all of a sudden. But just for your convenience, here is that reason in a nutshell: lately i’m not happy with the way im feeling inside and by the looks of my growing muffin top, i don’t seem to be doing my hot bombshell body any justice. I really want to cleans myself of all the crappy food i have been eating and start fresh…with veggies and fruits. DONE!

What does it mean to be vegan?ย 

Well for one thing,i won’t be eating anything that has a beating heart (animals, or any of their precious goods they provide for us humans). Meaning i will be restricted of milk, cheese, honey, eggs, meat, anything else that i can’t think ofย  at this very moment.This also means i can’t have anything artificial like junk food or soda.

What can you eat?

Well by the looks of it, carbs, veggies, fruits and water. So basically, i will be starving. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Fact: To be a devoted vegan, one must also shy away from clothing, fabrics, or items made of animals. This is serious business here folks! Fortunately, i will only be controlling what gets put inside my body rather than what i wear on the outside.

* Check out this website for more information regarding what it means to be vegan and how you can get started.

MY CHALLENGE: I will only obey to the vegan rules of diet and food as stated above for a total of ONE WEEK. If i can handle it for 7 whole days (starting tomorrow) then i will continue being a vegan. If i can’t, well then, roast me a a pig asap! I can already tell this is going to be a bumpy ride considering i have a class party tomorrow including a birthday dinner on saturday. What have i gotten myself into!?

* I’ll keep ya’ll informed on my status, including the workout plan i have going for me on top of the vegan diet. Wish me luck!


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