Vegan Challenge!

Warning: a dramatic venting session filled with self realization to make a more healthy life style approaches you. Read at your own risk! The following is a health challenge in the making. If you are interested, be my guest and follow the syntax.

I’m going to be completely honest with you here: over the past few months i have gained a considerable amount of weight. Sitting at my computer, barely exercising and eating like a crazed woman, it saddens me to inform you that i have truly “let myself go”. But it has been the last couple weeks that i have felt the worst, when all the stress and realization of me gaining all my unnecessary weight (including the recent health scare i just went through)  jolted me awake. I have felt rather, how should i phrase this, icky. I have felt dirty, unwashed, disgusting, revolting gross and sweaty and smelly and (ok TMI!). But you seem to get the idea. Maybe it’s that time of year again when i need my healthy dose of CHANGE. I need to shed away all the leftover bits and pieces, relinquish from the past and start fresh. It’s my version of an early “spring cleaning”.

Trying to uphold my goal of keeping a healthy eating habit is more difficult then earning a 2400 on the SAT. Wherever i go, junk food and boredom await me. When i get bored, i eat. When i see junk food, it immediately becomes my new best friend. It’s really quiet strange: food is the supplement that all humans must devour , yet it is the very thing that can threaten our lives. (A very philosophical moment indeed). Anyways, my point is, the food i have been eating lately just makes me feel worse and i think it’s finally getting to me! Just today, i had a slice of Costco’s cheese pizza and almost hurled the thing across the room. It was dripping with oil and i couldn’t bare to think that somehow i had been forcing that “pizza slice” into my mouth all these years! And so my fellow bloggers, i have decided to do the unthinkable: I have decided to go on a VEGAN DIET.

Now you might be asking: Why vegan, why not vegetarian? To which i would reply, “What a great questions!” Actually i have no idea as to why i’m challenging myself so much but i consider myself to be a rather spontaneous person and therefore have dubbed myself a vegan explorer. I think if i just tell myself that its ok to have a little fatty food, i would simply be making excuses. I need to teach myself that there are no loop holes when it comes to loosing weight and eating healthy. So there you go folks! I have just instigated myself a “Get fit or die trying” challenge in which i am now officially a VEGAN! (i’ll probably regret this in the morning). Wish me luck!

— The Paintress

PS: Wait, there’s more! I will go further into detail as to what it means to be a vegan including the game plan for my vegan challenge. Stay tuned for another blog post with all the meaty, oh, i mean, fresh new ideas. 😉

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