The Vegan Diaries: Day 1

Dear Vegan Diary,

today has been my first day of being a full on vegan. How exciting! Actually, it wasn’t as difficult as i thought it would be. However, i did run into numerous complications today. Let me vent to you all about them…

1. some of my friends were questioning by new found interest in being a vegan proclaiming it could be very unhealthy and that i was taking extreme measures in loosing weight. To this i replied, “shut up and let me eat my celery sticks!” Also, i clarified with my concerned girl friends about how i was being vegan simply to have a new approach on my food intake, NOT because i was desperate in loosing weight. It’s an important factor to consider but its not the only one 😉

2. Girls were selling Girl Scout cookies at this time of year! Oh the many delicious sweets i could buy for $4. But i resisted my temptation (also, i didn’t have $4 on me.

3. Post- valentine’s day candies are still a popular snack food among high school students and where ever  i went, i found people munching on sugary sweets. The horror the horror!

But i have plenty of good news as well! My friend and i are being vegan together, which makes going through this challenge a bit more easy. Today, she made both of us some chinese noodles (kinda like chow mein) but with vegan noodles! So no rules were broken. For breakfast i had edamame beans and strawberries and after school i ate some seaweed. I also discovered that Trader Joe’s is THE hot spot for organic, vegan munchies and stocked up on all sorts of goodies (organic tortilla chips, organic bread, organic grape jam, seaweed, fruits/veggies, etc.) For dinner i’ll probably whip me up some organic soup. The first day wasn’t all too bad and although i came across numerous challenges, i think i did pretty well in following the rules and to that i say, BRING IT ON!!!

yours truly,

The Paintress

PS: Thanks to some of you WordPress bloggers out there who gave me awesome words of encouragement and helpful tips on being a vegan. Really appreciate all the support from everyone! Thank You!!! 😀


2 thoughts on “The Vegan Diaries: Day 1

  1. Good luck to you!

    A few years back I ate vegetarian for an entire year. It can be hard to change your diet so drastically and so abruptly. One of the best things about doing something like this is that it forces you to get creative with your food choices and can open you up to new and exciting dishes that you may never have thought to try before. I’ve since gone back to an omnivorous diet, but we now eat a TON of meatless meals compared to before I had tried vegetarianism. Enjoy your vegan challenge and all the tasty discoveries that come with it 🙂

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