The Vegan Diaries: Thats how the cookie crumbles

Dear Vegan Diary,

so tomorrow is Wednesday. I was really hoping tomorrow would be a day filled with enthusiastic “hoorays!” compliments to my week long binge of meat, dairy and anything that might come from an animal. However, it greatly saddens me to inform you that i have let you, my readers and myself down [commence sad, sympathetic music].  My vegan challenge lasted a measly 4 days but for someone who eats meat almost everyday, that was a big accomplishment! Looking back, i think it would have been better to not have jumped into this challenge so quickly. Planning out my meals was by far the most excruciating part of the challenge including finding “snacks” to contain my constant mid-day hunger pains.

Having a friend to do the challenge with me was very helpful, but even she could not stop the peer pressure i felt from all my other friends who were not part of the challenge. It was like a nightmare on elms street! Everyone chomping down on all the foods i had to abandon…self control, that’s what it comes down to really. You just have to roll with the punches (or avoid them as best as possible). While many vegan goers out there state that converting to veganism actually made them more happy and cheerful, i for once felt very irritated, hungry and annoyed. Again, this supports my stupidity in jumping into the challenge headfirst.

Although my week long vegan challenge wasn’t a complete success, i didn’t leave the games empty handed. For one thing, i really got to understand the importance of food and healthy eating. It was difficult, but very educational. Changing your dietary habits is never easy (especially when you relinquish yourself from everything you thought to be delicious and tasty!) but it can sure as hell teach you a lot about yourself. My short lived vegan journey taught me the importance of reading ingredients and  understanding fats and nutrition’s in my everyday foods. I got some awesome support from my fellow vegan Worpress bloggers out their (for which i am extremely grateful) and although their helpful suggestions of vegan meals to try out seemed limitless, i still felt the lack of dairy and poultry an impending issue in my diet. Nevertheless, i think i will surely use their recipe suggestions later in the future 🙂

Turing vegan for 4 days proved to be quite the dare. As a teenager always snacking on food, my intentions when first going on this challenge where “hmm, this shouldn’t be that bad,” to “holy crap i NEED food! I’m dying!!!” I should have known better. However, reading the ingredints on sodas and junk foods really helped me understand the artifical mystery foods i was consuming. I’m happy to say, i haven’t drank soda or ate any sort of processed junk food in more than a week! I hope i can keep the track record going…

For now, all i can really do is watch what i put into my mouth and control what i eat. Being able to recognize the good and bad in my foods is the first step to healthy eating. It may not be the “vegan way” but its a start. Maybe in the future, i’ll try to take on this challenge again and have a better success rate then i did my first time around. Until then, i think i will grub on some In-n-Out or maybe a yummy egg salad sandwich…

yours truly,

The Paintress


2 thoughts on “The Vegan Diaries: Thats how the cookie crumbles

  1. The important thing was that you walked away with greater knowledge. And, coming from someone tying up a 6 week vegan challenge, let me say that those first few days are a killer. I *is* all about “Augh! I’m gonna die!!! I need food!” But after a while you find food – healthy food junk food, lots of food. I do still slip up ever know and then, but it became a lot easier.

    Kudos for your efforts, though.

    1. thank you for the support! i’m glad i’m not the only the only one who thought this was difficult. I definitely have more respect for vegans after going through journey. Congrats on your 6 week vegan challenge! 😀

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