The Adventures of Holga 135: Part 1

Hello everyone!

So its summer and I really don’t have anything to do until August. So until then, I wanted to use my time productively and decided on writing some small reviews about my favorite hobby: photography. Out of the three camera’s I own, my first review will feature the most interesting one out of the family, my Holga 135. So with no further a doe, lets begin!

Lets start from the basics shall we…

Whats a Holga 135?

Great question! A Holga camera is a film camera (one of those ancient camera’s that needs a role of film to take pictures with and must be “developed” at a lab). It can take about 24 pictures at a time depending on the role and is basically all manual. This means, a Holga won’t autofocus, zoom or time a picture for you. I know, so much work! But trust me, a Holga is still pretty cool. This camera emerged from the depths of Japan and populated American homes way back in the 80’s. Its cute box shape, simple design and easy-to-use features made it a must have product for all ages. Although this camera lacks many of the necessary features found on every 21st century camera today, the Holga 135 still lives up to its name, quality and unique design.

So whats so special about it? 

Another great question! Holga cameras have the special gift of making every picture a lomography picture. Lomography means having the ability to do vignetting, double exposures and light tricks on every picture you take! Holga accomplishes this because of the simple build and construction of the camera. Holga cameras are all made out of plastic, therefore allowing light to leak into the camera body causing strange allusions to appear on your pictures. You never know what you get with a Holga. Perhaps its this reason why so many creative and spunky photographers are reintroducing the Holga 135.

How do the pictures turn out? 

If you take the pictures properly, they will turn out looking like nothing you wanted. Thats the beauty of Holga! Here are some “miskates” made fabulous and a little sneak peek into the kind of pictures Holga produces. With a dash of light and some creativity, anything is possible with a Holga 135. Click here for examples.

Note from the author: As a devoted Holga enthusiast myself, I will be happy to show you my own pictures…that is once I get a chance to scan them…which will be as soon as my scanner is fixed. Meantime, Thanks for reading and hope this was helpful. Tips and advice in future blog posts to come soon!

– The Paintress

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