Sorry, to my dog

I wonder what It must be like to be a dog

Silent and patient and friendly and brave.

All these qualities I wish to posses

But they are under another animals name.

I wonder what it must be like to be a dog

Hopeful and anxious and warm to the touch.

This dog has the life I desire,

This dog Is most certainly a must.

She sits on the window sill waiting for me

To come home and give her a smile.

She looks at me with her round brown eyes

Tail wagging, joyous like a juvenile child.

But I skip a step in, break her precious little heart

Pat that tiny head, coo her name and depart.

I run up those steps to my room and see

This big old world through a computer screen.

But all this time she was sitting by the window

Watching and waiting for someone who,

Someone like me, a friend, a person

Someone who cared for her too.

She observed this world and patiently noticed

The tempartment in which she lived.

Saved from a shelter into a kind clean home

But never quite loved the way she should have been.

And so, as I stagger downstairs and give her a look

Sweet music dripping down my mouth,

Calling her baby names and such

But forgetting what she was all about.

She cries by the window when we leave for work

She cries when we don’t play ball.

She sheds a tear when we close the door

And ignore our poor little dog.

Today I see her furry face

Waiting like she always does.

Being patient and friendly and brave and wonderful

The only dog I could love.

I promise her to stay a while longer

I make sure to spend some qualitiy time.

Because If I want to be like my precious animal

I must take good care of her,

And show her she is mine.

– The Paintress

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