Sisterly Wisdom: High School Advice

My brother is starting high school in a few weeks and I thought I would give him some advice before he sets sail.

There are lots of things I would tell my brother but I know I won’t be able to cover every last inch of them in this post. For starters, high school is learning about yourself. It all starts your freshman year. You learn about you, grow into your skin a bit more, change and mold into multiple people until you feel comfortable finding the person you want to be. Sort of. Along the way of learning about who you are, you will also start learning about your peers. You will make friends and unfortunately, also loose a few. Learning about others helps you learn about yourself. It’s a part of life, even if it gets a bit difficult at times.

Remember to make friends. People who understand you and will always be there for you. They don’t have to be exactly like you, in fact being around the complete opposite person can actually make a better you. Just be careful with your choices. Making friends are one of those rare opportunities in life where you get to control the decision you make. So be wise when you make friends.

High school isn’t just about a social life. In fact it goes beyond that. Your parents will always be there to remind you if you are going down hill academically but remember, you will have to start making decision to be a more responsible person in the future. That future starts somewhere in the middle of high school. Know what you are good and bad at and strive to be better at things you thought you couldn’t handle. Peer pressure comes in the form of kids and parents. Let your parents know your limitations. If you can’t handle their expectations, thats okay just let them know. As for peer pressure at school, I will let you make your own mistakes and learn from them. I’m sure you know what to do and not to do, so please, be responsible.

Many times in these next four years, you will feel either very alone or very congested with those around you. I want to let you know it’s completely normal to be away from society and yet feel like you want to be part of the party. Having some time to yourself should be a regular thing. It gives you time to think. Maybe, when you are around too many people you start seeing yourself as someone else. In fact, you may even loose yourself. That can be dangerous. Be alone, even if for a little while. Stay away from the social networking and late night hanging out with friends. Everyone doesn’t need to know every detail of your life. Thats up to you. So if you feel like sitting in a corning and thinking about the universe, do that!

Perfection is a very bad word. You may feel the need to be perfect, meet certain expectations or be an A+ student. Life doesn’t work that way. You are bound to make mistakes, cry over the big one’s and regret many decisions. People might tell you, “Have no regrets!” but I think it’s important to constantly remind yourself of whatever you did wrong. Not to a point where it drives you insane but so you know to never make those mistakes again. You will make a lot of them, trust me.

Last but not least, watch The Breakfast Club. You think the 80’s were more than thirty years ago. Technically speaking they are, but what this one movie taught me back then has still resonated in my life today. Watch it once, maybe twice. Watch it before AND after high school. You will laugh, cry and completely understand everything these [then] teens went through. History is never forgotten and should never be ignored. Remember, you are still young. Enjoy your youth, take pride in it, but also know that with youth comes great immaturity. Own up to the fact that no, you don’t know everything. Keep your mind and heart open. Wisdom comes with age and those who have the most of it are the oldest. Learn from them and be grateful to be in their presence. Respect them, be their friend and cherish their company.

So, this is what I have to give you. My knowledge. I can’t assure you that your high school years will be pleasant and awesome. They could be God awful or unforgettable. One thing is for sure, four years from now when I ask you what you learned in high school, I may hear a whole other story I never heard before. I may hear things I already knew. But what you experience will always be different than what I had experienced. But I will always be here to listen. Thats for sure.

– The Paintress/Big sister

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