Thoughts on the first day

College started a couple days ago and everything on my first day ran smoothly. Today I had a bit of a heart attack when I got lost on campus and almost got late to my class. This would happen to me. At least it wasn’t as bad as the first day of middle school…

Being in college has really taught me a lot about the environment and the people who occupy this space. For one thing, I expected the obvious when it came to not seeing anyone from my high school lurking the campus grounds but I never thought I would feel so lonely. I wasn’t the most popular or sought after student in high school, but I could definitely point out a few familiar faces during passing period. It’s not like that in college anymore. I’m sure things will turn out a lot brighter a couple weeks from now.

I thought college would be filled with lots of bright, respectable students ready to get their “A game” on. Well, its not. I saw so many kids who just sort of walked around campus completely oblivious of their surroundings, ones who cared more about their looks and others who strived to be social butterflies. In the classroom, things got a bit more serious but outside on campus, everyone walks around with their phones glued to their faces giggling to themselves over their text messages. What the hell.

I have my priorities straightened out. I know what I am here to do and what I must accomplish. I know not to worry about those around me and just focus on what needs to be done for the sake of myself. Being in college, even if for a short while has taught me that regardless of how hard students worked to get to such an institution, there will always be slackers. I thought life would be a bit more serious and academic but its really just high school all over again. Except this time, I just need to take care of myself and excel at what I came here to do: get a higher education. I mean, what else did my parents pay all that money for!?

– The Paintress

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