Visions of Vimeo: Born into Coal

Finally getting some color back into this blog. Let the video sharing commence! Here is a nice little mini-documentary I found on Vimeo about a coal mining family in West Virginia. I’m in love with the perspective the artist chose to feature this family and the simple camera angles that give the viewers some time to soak up the environment and emotion behind what is being shown to them on the screen. Also, I’m a little in love with the girls southern accent.

It’s interesting to see a different side of pageant life and what it means to some people. On TV, beauty pageants, as featured on the hit TLC show, Toddlers and Tiaras, depict little girls as if they were already 20-something year olds with sky high hair and caked on makeup. Lots of controversy has surrounded the families involved in such an American hobby of beautifying 5 year old girls but everyone has their reasons in participating for these events. I admire this video for the new side of pageantry that is being depicted not for the glitz and glamour but for the representation and admiration that would come with the winning prize. Winning means different things to everyone and for this young woman here, it means making her family proud and remembering her roots in this small coal town. Lots of different hidden messages can be found within this 7 minute video about commitment, family, home, responsibility and love. See if you can find a theme within this video.


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