Teen Voter- Venturing Into The ‘Undecided’

I am currently 19 years old and eligible to vote. When I turned 18, I had no clue what all the political debacle was about, so I sat back, listened to the clamor and tried to piece all the facts together. One year later and it still feels like I am doing the same thing.

As part of the new generation I have been heavily urged to register to vote, but the truth is, I am really scared to make a final decision. Obama or Romney? Democratic or Republican? The way I see it is, when you cast your ballot and make a final decision, you are labeling yourself that type of supporter for the next four years. Thats a big responsibility! I need to first understand why I chose to be this kind of political activist. What prompted me to make that final decision and do I actually agree with everything my chosen candidate is saying or am I feeling a bit uncertain about his promises. All these questions matter and all of them have answers…but I just don’t have them all sorted out yet.

I don’t think its wrong to be Undecided. In some small way, I feel rather okay that I do not know what kind of voter I truly am. It shows me that I am still doing my research and that I am making the facts of a debate my number one priority, not my emotions or personal feelings toward the candidate himself. Yes, time is of the essence, but I would much rather make an educated vote I feel confident about than a clueless one I don’t feel one-hundred percent passionate for.

As a teen representing the new wave of voters slowly making there way to the voting booths, I feel extremely responsible for the vote I will ultimately cast. I want to make the right choice when I vote and do that through careful research and factual evidence. However, peer pressure from fellow teens and the media makes this whole process very difficult. Come November, I will see if I actually end up at the voting booth or not. But right now, I am an Undecided American citizen unsure of who to give the power to lead the next four years of my life in this country. Thats a lot to think about for a 19 year old.

-The Paintress

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