Becoming “Internet Famous”

I have a couple friends who are really interested in starting a YouTube channel. They want to vlog on the internet and generate a fan-base where they can talk about, well, anything they want! What they hope to achieve is the same amount of success as so many famous YouTuber’s out there today. It is a big commitment, if you ask me mainly because if your channel does take off, you have to be responsible for garnering your fans attentions and keeping them interested at all times.

This commitment goes beyond just a YouTube channel but also updating your Twitter, Facebook and any other multi-medi social network out there. I am no “internet famous” person, but I find myself on the computer more than I do infront of my TV. That being the case, I have spent many sleepless nights simply watching YouTube videos and frankly being a bit obsessive about some vloggers. It’s very addictive and completely not normal. But it goes to show you that todays world of internet savvy kids are more prone to sitting infront of their computers and being entertained than through their TV sets. They also expect that famous people they admire (and progressively worship) will stay in touch with their fans through social networking and fan-to-celebrity interaction. Basically, what I am trying to say is that posting videos and writing a blog have become such a huge responsibility in todays world than it ever has been before. In fact, it’s even possible to make a living out of doing these things now!

I used to blog on my WordPress a lot but ever since college started, I have been stuck reading textbooks and studying for exams. I realized, the less I posted on my WordPress, the less my viewers payed attention to my blog. It’s all about keeping your audience energized and interested, but that can only happen if you are consistent and progressive. The same concept works for any multi-media career. I think its more easier to want to become YouTube famous, than it is to really be YouTube famous. Here is a series I found on YouTube about wanting to become YouTube famous. I found it really interesting and thought provoking. What do you have to say about the new internet phenomenon of being “internet-famous”? Keep up with the series to see what popular British YouTubers have to say about the whole issue.

– The Paintress

*Here is Video #1 of the series. You can find the rest of Benjamin Cook’s videos here.

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