New Camera: Octomat

The new addition to my film camera family! Say hello to the Octomat. My friend was so gracious enough to buy me one of these while on vacation in Turkey. Thanks Aylin!

The Octomat takes 8 pictures in a row on one frame. That means every time you click the shutter release, you will be taking 8 pictures one after the other very quickly! It basically functions as a photo booth however, instead of the typical 3-4 pictures after every 5 seconds, you will be taking 8 of them all at once. I would recommend using this camera on moving subject matter and perhaps planning ahead as to what you want the continuous motion to be. Remember, the lens are all in different places so don’t expect the same composition per shot. The camera takes the photo moving from left to right, top to bottom. Either you move with the camera or the subject is in constant motion. Don’t expect all the pictures to be in focus.

For example: [Source]

Here’s how my camera looks like!


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