DIY: Minimalistic “Terrariums”

Terrarium’s are becoming increasingly popular for home decor these days so I decided to check out what all the craze was about.

Terrarium: “a collection of small plants growing in a transparent, sealed container. A terrarium is a closed environment, and can actually be used to illustrate how an ecosystem works. Inside a terrarium’s walls, many different natural processes may be observed: photosynthesis, respiration, and the water cycle. The water in the terrarium is constantly recycled, passing from liquid form to gas and back again. As the moisture in the air condenses on the glass walls, it returns to the soil and is absorbed by the plants’ roots”. [source]

I found the above definition to be extremely helpful and surprisingly way more scientific than I imagined. In a more interior-design perspective, I think terrariums are cute little plants that when arranged in tiny glass containers look really pretty. They are also easy to maintain and allow for more creativity when it comes to indoor plants. I like them already.

I guess I felt the need to share this with you because you can take terrariums in both strides: artistic and decorative or scientific and educational. As a college student, I see both advantages. For now, I have opted for a very minimalistic version of a terrarium because I am a failure at keeping plants alive for more than a month. Perhaps by being more creative with my potted plant displays, I will be reminded of watering them more often. Then again, cacti don’t really need regular hydration which makes my job much more easier!

Here is how I made my “terrariums”:

  • mason jar
  • candle holder
  • cacti from Home Depot ($1.89 each)
  • dirt
  • tiny miniatures (I used a little Buddha figure that I found from a flee market in India and my brothers old plastic cowboy figure)
  • spoon

It’s pretty simple. You take your mason jar and candle holder and fill it up with dirt (use the spoon as a shovel to scoop and press the soil in). Once you get your cacti comfortable in their new homes, give them a sprinkle of water to moisten the soil and set up your miniatures any way you like. It makes for a great decoration thats easy to care for and fun to create.


* For a more advanced version of a terrarium, check this out by Yumi Sakugawa.

Here are the minimalistic terrariums I made.
Here are the minimalistic terrariums I made.

Some Changes

Well hi there!

It’s been over a month since I posted anything on WordPress and I feel really awful about it. The truth is, I have lots of stuff to write about but absolutely no motivation to publish it on my blog. So, as a way to get myself blogging again, I’m going to revamp my blog by deleting the old and bringing in the new. Here are some newly decided goals The Paintress has sworn to:

1. Only share pictures and written posts

2. No more Weekly Music Muses (I was getting tired of them myself)

3. YouTube videos are okay to share as long as they have some relevance to a written post

4. I may not post every day or every week but I will try to post at least twice a month

5. Don’t feel obligated to blog all the time, but don’t completely neglect blogging either

The time has finally come to make some much needed changes and for-fill by blogging priorities. Commence The Paintress renovations!

– J

What’s Up Documentary?

Hey Ya’ll!

Just recently, i got a request to look up a documentary by a friend who was interested in being enriched by some quality film making. This go me thinking, “Hey! I love documentaries! I should probably blog about this. Derp.” Yeah, i actually thought of the word derp. Anyways, here are a collection of my favorite documentaries (trailers). Enjoy! Got any suggestions? Comment below and i’ll add it to the list!

Hint: If you look hard enough, some of these documentaries can be found on Youtube. However, for the best quality, rent a DVD or check out Netflix.