Little people do big things

Today i came across something rather extraordinary on Yahoo!. School lunches have always been the talk of disappointment within us kids, but these days, they are also impacting grown ups. Parents are starting to be more aware of what lunches their kids feast on during school hours, in other words, they are demanding better options in cafeteria food then ever before. Political stand outs such as First Lady Mitchell Obama and Jamie Oliver are just two of the key ring leaders pushing for healthier lunch options in schools. But within all this talk about what needs to be improved from good to better people tend to loose sight of who is getting impacted by the change.

What i love most about this Yahoo! article is that it focuses on a 9-year old talking about the same issues that plague grown ups today. It shows that kids too can make a difference and rise to a platform equal to what every adult in todays world constantly walks across. Critics of cafeteria foods in schools shouldn’t just be grown ups but kids them selves! It is from their helpful perspective that allows the big people to demand for change. Nine year old Martha Payne proved to do just that on her blog!

* Read the Yahoo! article about Martha Payne’s blog here!

* Link to Martha Payne’s Blog: NeverSeconds


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